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Mollie Aiken 1st Blog for The Highland Dancer

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Mollie Aiken 1st Blog for The Highland Dancer


My name is Mollie Aiken and I'm the face of The Highland dancer😊

Iv been asked to write about my dancing but I didn't really know what to write, so Iv used the questions from blog 2 by The Highland Dancer Bogger & Vlogger Summer Campbell💖

Yous can see more of me on my Instagram mollie_aiken where I post all my dance pictures and events❤️

Quickly id like to tell you a bit about myself, I'm 13, 14 in 5 days😆 Iv just moved up to premier, I'm a dancer from Scotland, I live on a tiny tiny island called the Isle of Bute I'm part of a dance family #TeamAiken 5 of us all together but only 3 compete and the other 2 are starting soon😊... Enjoyy😘

What dance shoes are you using? : I absolutely love the highland world dance pumps!!! I have 3 different pairs, I am size 5 and I have 2 sized 3 and 1 sized 2😬 It really hurts my toes but Iv got flat footed feet so this makes my point look better😂 1 pair is for indoor comps, one for outdoor, and one for dancing at hotels, I have a pair of blue dance pumps aswell, they're my practice shoes for in class

What's your favourite dance? : My top 3 I can tell you strait away!! My favourite 3 are the jig, hornpipe and blue bonnets, The jig n hornpipe I love cause u have to do a lot of acting in it and blue bonnets is such a lovely dance in general😌

What dance do you struggle with : I don't really struggle with any tbh, but if I had to chose one it would be the Highland laddie because I reallllyy hate the dance so I don't practice it a lot which is bad of me😬😂😂

Who is your dance idol? : I do have so many but my main one is Erin Blair ! She's absolutely amazing, I love watching her at competitions❤️

Favourite Competiton? : for outdoor obviously Cowal! Who doesn't love Cowal❤️ Or Bute Highland games after that, and indoor would be paisley STDA championships

Favourite Highland Games : Cowal, Bute❤️

How old were you when you started dancing? : I started dancing when I was 4 but I only went because my big sister did n I was never good I had 2 left feet hahaha, I stopped it at 5 and came back at 11😊

Arms up or down for Fling turns? : I always get compliments on how beautiful my arms are but I always have them down in the fling for turns, I just feel it looks neater

PDB or brush brush for Reel? : PDB

Blue or white Hornpipe outfit : I wear the navy but I do prefer the white, But I couldn't get a white one because it would get dirty way to easily😂

What classes do you attend? : Wednesday and Thursday at Anne Mcilroy School of Dance.

Have you ever won any trophies? : All together my fellow Team Aiken (Me, my big sister and my wee brother) has won over 80 trophies so far....

Where do you keep your medals and trophies? : I always try to sneak my good trophies up to my room, But my mum always takes them and puts them on display in the living room so everyone can see😂.

What Colour is your kilt? I wear a lime green kilt😋

Waistcoat or jacket? : I prefer a jacket if it fits personally, I just feel it looks a bit older

A fun fact about you? : I never used to love dancing, I always done martial arts, And I didn't kickboxing competitions, I never thought I would get into dancing, Because of that as well I'm very very flexible and it helps with my leaps a lot in dancing🤗

Do you do any other sports? : i love to do athletics, I came 2nd in cross country (1500 meters), And I also love to do trampolining

What's your favourite shop? : Obviously I love the Highland dancer !! Iv got sooo many of their stuff!❤️ But apart from that I also love Mad Mia and Highland World

That's all for now, If you have any more questions leave a comment and il answer it, If you'd like me to write about anything else please send me or the Highland dancer a message and il do more xoxo xoxo

~ Mollie Aiken


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