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Blog 2- A Little Bit of Fun by Summer for The Highland Dancer

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Blog 2- A Little Bit of Fun by Summer for The Highland Dancer

Hello....it's Summer again!

First of all.... a huge thank you to everyone for all the lovely messages I received after my first blog. Was so nice, such a lovely welcome to 'The Highland Dancer'. My Dad felt left out that I didn't mention him in my blog- so, 'Dad, I love you very much. Thank you for driving me to all my competitions and always doing the "Dad" dance in the Christmas Show.

I have my first Intermediate competition this weekend! I have been quite unwell for most of this year, so have struggled with my strength, but I think I'm back on track. Obviously it would be great to do well at this competition- I know it's going to be hard, but I just keep reminding myself that as long as I try my best, then that's all that matters. For the first time EVER, my Mum won't be there. I'm sad, but, I glad won't have her saying 100 times- head up, knees out, back straight and SMILE! Sorry Mum!

One of my favourite things to do is follow Highland Dancers on Instagram. I love the 'Questions of the Day' so thought I would do my own for you guys for my second blog. Please write some of your answers in the comments

What dance shoes are you using? : I am wearing Toe and Heel Golds for competitions. I saved up and bought a pair of pink Billy Forsyths, but I only got a few weeks out of them and now they are far too small.

What's your favourite dance? : My absolute favourites are Flora and Barracks. I go through phases of having a new favourite, but those two have always been in my top 3.

What dance do you struggle with? : Definitely Irish Jig, practicing hard though!

Who is your dance idol? : Well, I am very biased and love Dancers I know. I think seeing how hard somebody practices makes a difference too. So Rebecca Campbell, Leia Taylor, Carla McTaggart & Mollie Aiken. All Dancers are amazing though- no matter what level they are at.

Favourite Competiton? : Again, I love my own schools competition, but I also love all Le-Ellen competitions.

Favourite Highland Games. : Abernethy... 100%. I have always had luck at Abernethy, the last 2 years I have got the last stamp on my cards there!

How old were you when you started dancing? : I started dance classes when I was 3 and competing when I was 4. I have always loved dancing, but got the competition bug when I went into Beginners.

Arms up or down for Fling turns? : Up until recently I had my arm up. I've been taking my hand down for turns lately to get a wee rest... joking, I just think it looks and feels better for me.

PDB or brush brush for Reel? : I actually don't mind either, I like both.

Blue or white Hornpipe outfit? : My Mum hasn't actually bought me a new hornpipe outfit yet. I love the white but I would probably get it dirty.

What classes do you attend? : I have classes on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This year I have been quite poorly, so missed a lot of classes and competitions. I'm much better now so will be able to go back to classes properly now.

What do you do when competition season is quieter? : Our dance school puts on a huge Christmas Show every year so we are busy practicing all of our dances for that. Trying to teach my Dad something because my friend and I have a good idea for the show. 

Have you ever won any trophies? : I have! I have won over all in my section a couple of times and also runner up. I have a couple of mini trophies from winning T Fling.

Where do you keep your medals and trophies? : My Mum and Dad have a tall bookshelf in our living room that has most my medals and trophies on display.

What tartan is your kilt? : I have the cerise MacKellar tartan, I absolutely love it! You see some beautiful kilts at competitions. Looks amazing seeing them alltogether.

Waistcoat or jacket? : Definitely jacket. I was in a waistcoat until I was 7 then my teacher put me in a jacket. Sounds silly, but I feel more confident with a jacket.

A fun fact about you? : Not really a fun fact but I have Hypermobilty. My fingers all point up, my elbows can bend and twist in all ways and in general I'm just super flexible. Sometimes it helps with dancing, but sometimes it can hurt cause my joints are doing double the work.

Do you do any other sports? : I have also been doing gymnastics for 2 years and I am in our school team. I think Dancing and gymnastics help each other. My flexibility has improved so much since starting gymnastics. 

What's your favourite shop? : I love JD Sports! Save all my money to spend in there. I'm obsessed with Adidas and Nike trainers & clothing.  But of course I LOVE The Highland Dancer Brand and can’t wait to see what new collections are coming out by them soon, I know they have lots of new things happening behind the scenes but I need to keep quiet about that :D

I have added some photos in with this post, which I will probably do in some of my blogs from time to time. Aiming to do my first vlog for next week, clips from 'behind the scenes' of the competition and maybe a bit in one of my dance classes.


Finally, if there is anything you would like me to write about, or film- let me or Nikki at The Highland Dancer  know. 

Speak soon,


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