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Top 5 Hair 'Must Haves' for all your Competitions by #HairBySarah for The Highland Dancer

Top 5 Hair 'Must Haves' for all your Competitions by #HairBySarah for The Highland Dancer

My Top 5 Hair Must Haves for competition days

Obviously, depending on hair types, your essentials may differ. If your dancer does have specific hair textures, please feel free to get in touch via Instagram #hairbySarah and I can recommend some tailored hair products.

1: Tangle Teaser

Tangle teasers are fantastic! Especially if your dancer is not a fan of having their hair brushed. They can range in price from around £1 up to £15. To be totally honest, I have ditched my branded Tangle Teaser for the one available to buy in Home Bargains for £1.49. 

2: Pin Tail Comb

Pin tail combs are great for finishing your look. The are also handy to help spray down any fly away hairs and really help give a neat look to the first step of your bun. Also, an essential tool if you are sectioning the hair for adding plaits. Nice, clean sections make the work of difference. Again, available to buy in the High street.


3: Hairspray and Spray Gel

Every dancers best friends. The key to a perfectly pulled together hairstyle is definitely hairspray and/ or spray gel. I tend to use spray gel when doing a curly bun to ensure my rolls are solid. At the moment I am using Wella Eimi Super Set (which can be purchased from Sally's) or Schwarzkopf Git To Be Glued which can be bought in most supermarkets and pharmacies. 


4: Bun Rings (Donuts)

An absolute must if you are going to the perfect bun. You can buy them in a wide range of sizes and generally they come in beige, brown or black so suit most hair colours. Again, can be bought from lots of different places. Our favourites are the beige ranges in medium sizes from Boots or Primark. They have lasted the longest, and don't unravel when hair pins and grips are pulled out of them.

5: Hair Pins and Hair Grips.

Possibly the most essential tools. I like to use waved hair pins to secure the bun to the head and then hair grips (kerby grips, bobby pins) to secure the hair to the bun. My daughter says that the bun feels more secure when we use this mix of pins and grips. As with all of the above, both pins and grips can be found in a number of shops, and can come in a variety of different colours. My favourite pins are from Sally's, and I use either Sally's Extra Strong Hair Grips or the hair grips from Superdrug (which also come in a really handy wee box. When it comes to hair grips, I think it's really important that you buy good ones. Some of the cheaper ones don't have a proper rubber bulb at the ends and this could nip into the head and cause cuts. It's better to be safe than sorry.

So, there you go, that is my must haves for competition days. Different types of buns, sometimes require different essentials.

When I publish my step by step blogs, I will include a list of tools being used, and where you can buy them from!

If there are any particular buns or braiding you want to see, feel free to get in touch and let me know.

Sarah (Hair by Sarah) 



#HairBySarah - Sarah is The Highland Dancer Hair Guru :D


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