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Summer 1st blog of 2018 for The Highland Dancer

Summer 1st blog of 2018 for The Highland Dancer

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog.

There’s not been a lot going on in my Highland dancing world, and to be honest, I took a step back. No competitions in a year, and only been attending one class per week. Between dance and gymnastics, I was so busy, so took some time to be boring, have time with my friends and have sleepovers at weekends.


But I decided to come back and did a competition yesterday (12/05/18). I have never been so nervous in my life, to the point I was almost not going to go. But, my Mum and Dad said that I should go and I’d be fine after I got over the nerves. It was a local competition, just around the corner from my house actually- Fraser’s Festival.


Nightmare 1- my pumps wouldn’t go on with my kilt socks (it’s been that long). Thankfully there was a stand who had some available to buy, but dancing with brand new, un-stretched shoes was going to be killer, but, I did it! Nightmare 2, I forgot at our Christmas Show, somebody had accidentally picked up my underskirt. Luckily, I have the best dance teacher who had a spare one with her.


I managed to get through all my dances, placed well, and even managed to get a stamp. My nerves were all ‘over nothing’ as my Mums says. But, I think I managed to let go of that thanks to having some amazing dance friends, and the most amazing dance teacher cheering me on.


Thank you Claire for always wanting us to do our best. You are always there to meet us after our dances and give us a big cuddle with praise & advice. I think I’m very lucky to have you as a dance teacher, and everybody from our dance school I’m sure feels the same.


I’m glad to be back dancing, I actually feel like taking a bit of a break was good for me, just what I needed to push me to work harder. So, I’m looking forward to attending a few more competition in the next few months. Maybe go to some I’ve never been to before, and definitely going to the Skye competition this year.


Something happened to my old Instagram, so, I’m having to start again. Please give me another follow, username: summerbrucecampbell  Would love to get everyone back on it. I love being part of the Highland Dancing community.


Next week, I am opening a fashion show in Inverness, which is quite exciting. It’s a show that my Mum and some other hairdressers have put together. Haven’t decided if I’m going to do a traditional Highland Dance or do my own dance to The Red Hot Chilli Pipers- Wake Me Up. Also, I did a couple of photo shoots a few weeks ago. Have sent in the ‘Welcome To Scotland’ photo.


I won’t be leaving blogging so long next time, it’s nice to write down your thoughts sometimes. If there’s anything you want me to include in my blogs, let me know via Instagram. Going to add in more photos next time!


Love Summer xoxo

NICE TO HAVE YOU BACK SUMMER xxxxx Looking forward to sharing more of your great Blogs :)


Come on guys, get your 2018 blogs into us so we can share - or even just photos of you with your inspirational or fun quotes on.  We will share more Highland Girls posts also as we like them so join in the fun :)


The Highland Dancer.co.uk  - NEW items on the site and more changes coming soon - lots going on @The Highland Dancer :)


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