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Welcome our NEW Hair Guru for The Highland Dancer #Hair By Sarah

Welcome our NEW Hair Guru for The Highland Dancer #Hair By Sarah

We are so very excited to introduce and welcome our very own 'Hair Guru' Sarah Campbell. We will let Sarah explain all below in her first introductory blog...


Hi everybody! 

My name is Sarah and I have joined 'The Highland Dancer' as your hair guru! 

So far, we have plans to take you through step by steps of several types of dancing buns - from the regular buns, to some of the more complex hairstyles.  We will do this with blogs, vlogs, photos and write ups.  

I'll also be here to answer any hair questions you may have for your dancers (or yourselves if you need to ask something).

My first proper blog coming soon, will be my 'hair must haves', all of which is available to buy on the high street.

So, a little bit about me… 

I am a fully qualified hairdresser, with balayage, hair ups, and vivids being what I am most passionate about.

My daughter Summer, is the first blogger for 'The Highland Dancer', and is an Intermediate dancer. I also have my other daughter Poppy, and son Brodie who all keep me super busy. 

If there are any hair, plaits etc that you would like to see done step by step, feel free to send a message and let me know.

I would love to make relevant posts of what people actually want to learn – Please tell me what your looking for and ask me any questions.

I plan to start with the basics and work out way up.

It would be lovely if you send in pictures of your finished results too and we will share them on our pages.

Lots more exciting ‘hair’ things coming soon from me #hairbysarah the hair guru for  The Highland Dancer

Speak to you all soon! 



Follow me on my Instagram page  #hairbysarah 



Where to find The Highland Dancer: 

Visit our Home Page - www.thehighlanddancer.co.uk

Chat with us anytime with a PM on Facebook - this is where we hide :D

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram Twitter and tag us in your posts :D

If you like to email instead, drop us a line at dance@thehighlanddancer.co.uk



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