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Kerrieann Smith NEW Blog April 2019

highland dancer blog, Kerrieann Smith NEW Blog April 2019 -

Kerrieann Smith NEW Blog April 2019

Hi so I haven’t made a blog in a while my 1st blog was about getting to know me a little bit more so this one is about my 1st dance injury.

So my first dance injury happened at the first competition of the year Dundee City of Discovery championship on February 9th it was during the 2nd step of the swords I went over my foot and as you can imagine it was really painful I didn’t finish the 2nd step so I went and completed the last step I could barely walk when I had finished the dance or any other time during that competition but I still danced because I thought I had just sprained other people were really helpful they gave me cold compress, heat spray and a tubby grip and I took medicine but i take medicine to all competitions in case I get a headache.

So anyway I managed to complete all my dances all highland and all the national dances I still managed to pick up a 4th place for the hornpipe.

So the next day I went to dance class and I just marked the dances because my foot was still really sore so my 1st class was finished and I burst into tears and got taken home my dance teacher and some of my fellow adult dance mates asked if I had gotten it checked out at the hospital and i hadn’t so I went home and told my nana so we went to the hospital and I had broken a bone in my foot ( 5th metatarsal )



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