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HD Brand Ambassador Summer C keeps us up to date with her newest Blog for The Highland Dancer

HD Brand Ambassador Summer C keeps us up to date with her newest Blog for The Highland Dancer

Hi everyone!

Been a while since I did a proper wee blog.

I’ve been so busy lately. I’m just finishing my last couple of weeks at Primary School, then after the holidays I’ll be in High School. We’ve just had our transition days which were great. Already got my timetable, know most the people in my classes and have made some great new friends. My favourite subjects are PE and English. The biggest change I think is not being in the same class, with the same teacher all day. I’m so excited to go to High School, although everyone laughs and says that will change. My school friends and I have been planning our own graduation ceremony, just before the end of term- parents are invited for the official bits, and then we are all staying and sharing a takeaway and having a party.

My dancing life has been quiet. My knee injury is STILL playing up and it really bothers me. On top of that, I have a huge lump on the underside of my toe that kills when I dance, but, it makes me work harder. With all that being said, last Sunday was my dance schools competition AND my first Premier competition so I danced as best as I could. I had a large, tough group, and managed to get some really good placings. I didn’t place in my Horinpipe though....but there’s a funny reason why. My hornpipe doesn’t fit me properly and I was rushing to get changed, so didn’t double check that everything was ok. Sooo, half way through my hornpipe, my trousers fell down 😂 I kept dancing, trying to pull them up and when I pulled them up, somehow, I managed to knock my hat all squint. It was a disaster! But, I kept going to the end and had a good laugh about it. Usually, something like that would get me really upset, but, it was just such a funny situation- you had to laugh.

Anyway, I’m not doing another competition for a wee while, I really need to work on getting my knee properly better. I have a thing called hypermobility which makes me super flexible, but means I need to work harder improving my muscle strength in all my joints.

What competitions does everyone else have coming up? Is anyone else moving into High School after the holidays?

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Speak soon


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  • Claire

    Excellent first premier Summer and very good attitude to keep going and smile when things are out of your control :) X

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