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Dancer Emanuele Oliveira's 2nd Blog about her Irish Dancing alongside her Highland Dance Journey

Dancer Emanuele Oliveira's 2nd Blog about her Irish Dancing alongside her Highland Dance Journey

Highland Dancing is rescuing my Irish Dancing

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Two thousand and nineteen ended with a mix of sensations...a sense of accomplishment, mixed with the feeling that it could have been better if I had done this or that and still have a pinch of fear of the unknown. That sensation you feel every time you get to a new place, you know?

It's always great to feel that warm in your heart when you realize that things are settling in, getting in the axes...as if a perfect mechanism worked day and night, arranging everything and displaying everything in place for the perfect ending, even if it wasn't the perfect one you dreamed of in the beginning. It just happens what is perfect for you.

So...I started the new decade, 2020. Swimming in a calm sea, letting me take to anywhere.


When I've decided to take the Highland Dancing Affiliation, I almost gave up immediately, after calculating the costs of such a trip having other financial commitments to make.

Anyway, quite suddenly and without warning, the fly ticket was in my hand and my registration has just paid. God is really generous to me. It's being that way since when I can remember.


In the previous post I said that Highland Dancing has come into my life to give me a new breath. This is very true.

It has arrive shortly after I'd completed the twelfth Irish Dancing grade, the last dance degree. At this point I was getting ready to take my T.C.R.G. (Teacher Exam) and, suddenly, I was no longer willing to go through with it. Gradually, I was discouraging and that thing that was very alive in me, was simply dying. I just keep teaching and raising for the students, but I couldn't do anything else for myself. I kept my plans for the Irish Dancing in the drawer.


That was the moment when Highland Dancing has arrive. It's just rescued me. It brought back the flame that was going out.

Thanks to it, who has opened so many doors, the urge to re-study for T.C.R.G. is returning slowly.

This weekend, after working a few hours with Nikki, from The Highland Dancer, I realized that I really can't give up. I still have a lot to do with Irish Dancing too, for my students and for me. I'm not entirely comfortable with this yet, but I can at least think about it now without pain.


Nikki came as one of those guardian angels out there who mysteriously arrive and show their wings. I'm a lucky girl.

Highland Dancing gave me so many angels that brought more color in my life. In another moment I will talk about them all.

She gave me the idea of writing this blog on last Thursday and from then on, just 3 days later, how many things happened inside me.

We are working now on things related to Irish Dancing and I think that she has no idea of what that means to me at this moment of my life.

Thank you,Nikki.




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